The Magic of Candlelight : Change Your Ambience!

The Magic of Candlelight : Changing The Ambience Now!

A simple candlelight can dramatically upgrade the ambient of your home of office. Check out this simple tips on how to decorate using candle!

Line a Staircase

Light the way up a spiral staircase with simple glass candle holders.

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Create a Centerpiece

A sophisticated centerpiece for a dinner party: Arrange an array of candles on top of a mirror that runs the length of your table.


Update a Mantel

To create a sculptural effect on a mantel, group colored vases, mixing in thick-walled glassware re purposed as candle holders.

candle for interior design

Scatter Along a Tabletop

Cluster white tea lights or votive candles in pretty jelly jars on a tabletop.



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